Mystery Calls

Mystery Calls

Real customers on the phone

Unsere Testkunden rufen bei Ihnen an. Sie dokumentieren ihren Anruf ausführlich. Sammeln Sie reale Erfahrungen, objektiv und aus erster Hand.

Store call

Check of consultation and purchase process.

Call in hotline

Check of customer service and complaint management.

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Depending on your specifications, a variety of topics can be checked and documented during the mystery calls. This can also be different per store (e.g. based on the weak points of the previous visit).


Greeting, initiative, advice, recommendation, objection handling.


Closing the sale, documentation, cross/upselling, goodbye.


Greeting, empathy, solution orientation, farewell.


Waiting times, mediation, clarity and intelligibility telephone system.


Timing and efficiency of follow-up, adherence to agreements.


Compliance with specifications and processes, explanation, objection handling.

our prices

We offer fixed prices that can be calculated in advance, regardless of your industry and project size. Included is input, design, check and evaluation. All prices are final and fixed prices (net) without further surcharges.


fixed price

per call

A call can also include several calls (e.g. in the store and on the telephone hotline).

Including project design, mystery check and evaluation.

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Mystery Call Agency

our advantages is your specialized partner for Mystery E-Commerce. Use our experience for the best mystery checks for your business. Our large pool of testers combined with AI-based analytics enable 100% customer satisfaction.


The highest quality standards, standardized processes and experienced employees ensure the highest data quality.


We meet every deadline. If you need it fast, you will receive your results within hours.

Best price / performance ratio

Our fixed prices make every project calculable. Guaranteed 10% cheaper than your current provider.

our process

In the case of mystery calls, extremely fast implementation is possible if required. We manage from input to analysis within one day. A fixed contact person from us accompanies you through the entire process.

Mystery Call Input


You inform us about everything you want to find out. We listen.

Mystery Call Design


We work out a suitable procedure for the mystery checks.

Mystery Calls

Mystery Call

Our testers will call you, at the store or at your telephone hotline.

Mystery Call Analysis


The results become recommendations for action in our cockpit.

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Mystery Calls: Your Key to Excellent Customer Service

Mystery calls have become essential in today's business world. If you want to find out how your company is performing in terms of telephone customer service, mystery calls offer a reliable way to gain real and unbiased insights.

What are Mystery Calls?

Mystery calls are undercover test calls designed to evaluate the quality and efficiency of your customer service team. Our specialized testers simulate real customer scenarios to see how your team responds in practice.

Mystery Calls: More than just a rating

Many companies see mystery calls merely as a tool for evaluating customer service. But they offer much more than that. Mystery calls allow you to identify outstanding employees and share their best practices with the entire team. Not only can this boost morale, but it can also help create a consistently high level of service.

Why mystery calls can be critical to your business:

Today's customers expect fast, efficient and, above all, professional service. Mystery calls help you understand exactly where your service excels and where there is room for improvement. With these insights, you can provide targeted training and better allocate resources to ensure your customer service remains at the highest level.

  • Customer loyalty: Excellent telephone customer service can strengthen customer loyalty and reduce the churn rate.
  • Increase efficiency: quickly identify weak points and train your team in a targeted manner.
  • Brand Image: Professional customer service reflects positively on your overall corporate image.

Customer service in different cultures

Mystery calls can also reveal cultural differences in customer service. What is considered polite and professional in one culture may seem rude or distant in another. Companies that operate internationally can benefit from mystery calls to ensure that their customer service teams are culturally appropriate and effective, no matter where the customer is located.

If you really want to know how your customer service is perceived by your customers, mystery calls are the answer. They provide a clear, objective assessment of what's really going on day-to-day and help you make informed decisions about how to improve your service.

Increase your customer satisfaction and business growth with mystery calls. The key to a better customer experience.