Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Real customers at the POS

Our test customers visit your stores on site. During mystery shopping, they check the agreed points and document their store check in detail. Gain real experience, objectively and at first hand.

Store Check

Check of consultation and purchase process.

Service Check

Check of customer service and complaint management.

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Many topics can be checked and documented during the store checks. This can also be different for each store (e.g. based on the previous visit). This can take place overtly or covertly, both of which are permitted as mystery shopping.


Greeting, initiative, advice, recommendation, objection handling.


Purchase completion, checkout process, cross/upselling, goodbye.


Greeting, empathy, solution orientation, farewell.

Store optics

Order, guidance, timeliness and completeness of information.

Presentation of goods

Presentation of goods and advertising materials, promotions, special offers.

Store hygiene

Cleanliness of sales and service areas, temperature, incident handling.

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We offer fixed prices that can be calculated in advance, regardless of your industry, project size and location. Included is input, design, check and evaluation. All prices are final and fixed prices (net) without further surcharges.

Mystery Shopping

fixed price

per visit

On-site visit includes store check or service check, optional with actual purchase.

Includes project design, mystery check and evaluation.

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Mystery Shopping Agency

our advantages is your specialized partner for Mystery E-Commerce. Use our experience for the best mystery checks for your business. Our large pool of testers combined with AI-based analytics enable 100% customer satisfaction.


The highest quality standards, standardized processes and experienced employees ensure the highest data quality.


We meet every deadline. If you need it fast, you will receive your results within hours.

Best price / performance ratio

Our fixed prices make every project calculable. Guaranteed 10% cheaper than your current provider.

our process

Mystery calls can be implemented extremely quickly if required. We go from input to analysis within one day. You receive the results ready prepared in your cockpit.

Mystery Shopping Input


You inform us about everything you want to find out. We listen.

Mystery Shopping Design


We work out a suitable procedure for the mystery checks.

Store Check

Store Check

Our testers visit your store including detailed documentation.

Mystery shopping analysis


The results become recommendations for action in our cockpit.

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Mystery Shopping: The ultimate tool for quality improvement

In today's highly competitive marketplace, it's critical to know not only what your customers think, but also how your business operates from their perspective. That's where mystery shopping comes in. Sometimes referred to as mystery shopping , this tool gives companies the opportunity to get unbiased, real-world evaluations of their service offerings, allowing them to identify specific areas for improvement.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is a technique in which individuals - known as mystery shoppers - are assigned to visit stores, restaurants or other service providers to assess service quality, product quality and overall customer experience. These shoppers act covertly and do not reveal themselves as testers, giving them an authentic impression of customer service.

The advantages of mystery shopping:

  • Customer Perspective: Get real insight into the customer experience without the filter of corporate guidelines.
  • Vulnerability identification: Identify areas that need training or revision.
  • Competitive advantage: continuously improve your services and products based on direct customer feedback.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: A better customer experience leads to loyal customers and positive referrals.

The psychology behind mystery shopping

What makes mystery shopping so effective? It's not just about uncovering shortcomings. It helps companies understand the actual behavior and reactions of their employees in real-life situations. Authentic feedback about the customer experience can help reshape company culture, training programs and operational processes from the customer's perspective.

Why every company should use mystery shopping:

In an age where a single online review can have a big impact on a company's reputation, mystery shopping is essential. It enables companies to be proactive and ensure that the customer experience is always top-notch. The insights gained through mystery shopping can be used to train employees, adjust business processes and redesign products and services.

The ethics of mystery shopping

It is important to emphasize that mystery shopping should be conducted ethically and transparently. While mystery shoppers keep their identity secret during the assessment, the collection and sharing of information should always be in line with privacy policies. The point is to provide constructive feedback and help companies get better, not to "catch" or punish employees.

Mystery shopping is much more than just an evaluation tool. It's a reflection of how your business operates in the real world. In an age where customer service and experience can make the difference between a thriving business and a failing one, mystery shopping is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to stay ahead.