Test purchase

Test purchase

The test purchase: insights into the world of the customer

Der Testkauf, oft auch als Mystery Shopping bezeichnet, ist in der Geschäftswelt kein neues Konzept, aber seine Bedeutung hat in den letzten Jahren zugenommen.

Through this process, companies can not only audit their services, but also gain valuable insight into how they present themselves in the eyes of their customers.

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Test purchase - what is it actually?

At its core, test buying refers to the process by which a person - often a trained employee or service provider - buys a product or service from a company without the company's employees being aware of it. This covert buyer then evaluates the entire buying process, the product itself, customer service and any other relevant experience.

The increasing relevance of test purchases

"It is not the employer who pays the wages. He just gives the money. It is the customer who pays the wages."

Henry Ford

In today's competitive economy, this quote is more relevant than ever. Companies must constantly strive to not only meet, but exceed their customers' expectations.

Why companies rely on mystery shopping:

  • Customer perspective: A test purchase offers companies the opportunity to see themselves through the eyes of their customers. This change in perspective is crucial to achieving true customer loyalty.
  • Qualitätskontrolle: Aldo Gucci sagte: „Die Qualität bleibt bestehen, lange nachdem der Preis vergessen ist.“ Durch Testkäufe können Unternehmen sicherstellen, dass ihre Dienstleistungen und Produkte immer den höchsten Qualitätsstandards entsprechen.
  • Potential for improvement: Even the best companies have room for improvement. Test purchases can reveal weaknesses in the system that might otherwise be overlooked.
  • Wettbewerbsvorteil: In einer Welt, in der Kunden zahlreiche Optionen haben, kann ein herausragender Service den Unterschied ausmachen. Jeff Bezos drückte es so aus: „Wir sehen unsere Kunden als eingeladene Gäste zu einer Party, und wir sind die Gastgeber. Es ist unsere Aufgabe, jeden Aspekt der Kundenerfahrung ein bisschen besser zu machen.“
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Areas in which test purchases are applied

  1. Retail: How do employees interact with customers? Are the products easy to find?
  2. Gastronomy: Is the food served on time? Is it hot and tasty? What is the ambience of the restaurant like?
  3. Banks and insurance companies: Are customers advised correctly and understandably? How quickly are inquiries processed?
  4. Online stores: Is the ordering process simple and intuitive? How fast is delivery? How does customer service work in the event of a problem?

A mystery shopper, also known as a test shopper, must have specific skills and knowledge to be effective:

  1. Observational skills: A mystery shopper must be able to accurately capture details, from how the staff greets them to the cleanliness of the environment.
  2. Objectivity: It is important that the mystery shopper remains unbiased and is not influenced by personal preferences.
  3. Communication Skills: Must be able to clearly and concisely communicate his/her experiences both orally and in writing.
  4. Discretion: Discretion is crucial, as the mystery shopper should not be recognized.
  5. Understanding industry standards: A basic understanding of the industry in question can help to better evaluate the service or product.
  6. Reliability: Dates and deadlines must be met in order to effectively complete the test purchase and provide feedback.

A good mystery shopper combines these skills to provide valuable feedback to companies about their services and products.

The way forward with test purchases

In an ever-changing business world, test buying is more than just a tool; it has become a necessity. For companies that want to succeed in today's customer-centric world, test buying provides an opportunity to constantly learn, adapt and improve.

Test buying is not just a method for reviewing services, but a critical tool for staying competitive in today's business environment. Companies that take the time to look at their services from the customer's perspective are better positioned to ensure long-term success and customer loyalty.

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